A Season of Miracles by Ed Goldberg

Sammy Itzkowitz was born on Christmas in a hole in the ground, under the home of a brave Polish family who hid his Jewish family from the Nazis.

After coming to Brooklyn at war's end, Sammy awaits with eager anticipation the arrival of the holidays: his birthday, Hanukkah and Christmas. He is dismayed to discover what he sees as indifference to the true meaning of Christmas, and ignorance of Hanukkah in America.

After a frustrating incident at school, he stages a shocking protest to make people focus on his favorite time of the year for the real reasons the holidays exist. He becomes a little boy on a moral crusade.

Only an intervention by his favorite Brooklyn Dodger hero can possibly save the day.

A Season of Miracles by Ed Goldberg

  • ISBN: 978-1-60174-110-3
  • $2.99
  • release date: 12/17/2010
A Season of Miracles

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