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Avery Easton is Talkin' Tropes...

You know that moment? That one when the man you married out of convenience gives you butterflies. Or your brother's best friend gives youthat look. Or she glances at you from across the bedroom you're being forced to share and you feel like you're floating. Or you suddenly see your best friend in a whole new light.

The romance trope. Those four--marriage of convenience, sibling's best friend, forced proximity, and friends-to-lovers--are only some of the many romance tropes to choose from, and we all have our favorites. Maybe you're a sucker for a grumpy-sunshine pairing. Or you get all the butterflies when the forbidden lovers finally give in.

To me, romance is comfort, and that's why I love its tropes. They are reassuring and only a little predictable. It's going on the journey and feeling all the feelings, while knowing in the end, it's going to be okay. Thrillers are my second favorite genre, and I never know who is going to end up alive. But when I'm reading a second chance romance, I know that the couple are going to end up together in the end, regardless of how much they've hurt each other in the past.

And there is great comfort in familiarity.

I love a trope. And I'm a fan of a lot of them, but my all-time-won't-put-it-down-can't-sleep favorite is enemies-to-lovers.

They cannot stand each other. They cannotlookat each other. But underneath that hatred is an intense burn of passion neither of them can figure out. They get too close, they won't let each other in, there are too many secrets, until one night, all of the passion reaches a breaking point and they're suddenly falling into bed…

…you get it. It's the will-they-won't-they of it all. I'm a sucker for it! I can't help myself.

When I set out to write an enemies-to-lovers novel for my Hearts of Broadway series, I was excited. And quite daunted. How do you write the nuance of two people who seemingly hate each other but ultimately fall in love? How many fights should they have? When do they open up, little by little, until they realize their feelings are deeper than they knew?

It's a delicate balance between the hate and the heat. And how they breach that barrier, when they finally do, is so incredibly satisfying.

InWhen I Met You, Jazzy and Mateo are polar opposites. She's diligent and hardworking, the best of the best on Broadway. And she's gotten there by being as dependable and professional as anyone in the business.

He's a former teen idol who hasn't been seen in a decade. He seems to float through life, unserious, uncomplicated, with a permanent grin and easygoing nature.

He's a golden retriever. She's mostly a cat.

It was such fun getting them together, finding those moments of heat in between the fights. Opening them up to each other little by little. Finding those beats in the frustration, when they could admire each other's work and see each other for who they really are. It was also a fun added layer that they are playing lovers in the Broadway show they're rehearsing for.

The twist, the thing that makes them see each other in a new light, throws them both for a loop.

That's why it's my favorite trope. Because things in life can be so unexpected sometimes. You can't control everything. Sometimes, you just have to follow your passion.

Secret baby, slow burn, fake relationship-all of these tropes are fun. But for me, when enemies turn into lovers, I simply can't resist.


Jazzy Summers takes her work in musical theatre seriously. Her opinion of flash-in-the-pan rock stars who fritter away their money and talent is on a par with her opinion of slugs. Yet she--reluctantly--agrees to work with Mateo Williams as her co-star in an upcoming musical, one she believes will be a hit--if the idiot will only learn his lines. As the tension between them grows, it begins to become gossip among fans, and worse, to threaten the show. And then Mateo's life is shattered and Jazzy realizes that what she's seen as his lack of professionalism is something else entirely.

When I Met You is an entertaining, funny, tender love story that hits all the marks. It's a classic enemies-to-lovers story that never depends on contrived situations to explain the hate-to-love progression. Jazzy and Mateo are real people, likeable people, admirable people. And Simone is one of the best "Best Buds" we've ever met.

When I Met You cover

When I Met You will be released on October 14, so mark your calendar. Or you can preorder it at most major ebooksellers right now and have it magically appear in your inbox very early that day.

In the meantime, you can read (or re-read) Avery's other "Hearts of Broadway" books: Love Me A Little and If I Told You. And we've a lot of great reads to occupy your time between now and then. Drop by our website and browse the categories.

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