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Where did June go?

Usually we know several months in advance which titles we'll showcase in the Uncial Letter for any given month. But somehow this July slipped through the cracks. By the time we realized that the cupboard was bare, there was no time to cajole anyone into writing something for this issue. So we consulted our oracle (i.e., a random number table) for a featured title, and herewith offer for your delectation, the July Featured Title

There are lots of shape-shifter stories out there, but most of them involve a little (or a lot of) magic, and often depend on folk tales for inspiration. Shifter, by Michael Beck, is different. (ISBN 978-1-60174-117-2, $6.99)

Shifter cover

No magic involved. Just unintended consequences of scientific experimentation, with a little genetic tinkering tossed in for flavor. But the how is only mildly important to the story, which is more of a young man's quest for identity and his search for adventure than anything more momentous.

Jamie Race is on the run. All that stands between him and a life as an experimental genetics subject are his wits, his unique ability and a couple of nubile young women. A clandestine government organization, the Company, killed his mother and is pursuing him relentlessly. He's on the run when something very strange occurs. His body begins to...change.

Before he is really aware of what's happening, Jamie realizes he is now she, and scary as the situation might be, it's the best thing that can happen, since no one is searching for a young woman. Jamie--and friends--embark on a wild and hair raising chase through the wilds of outback Australia, with his/her/their freedom and very lives at stake.

With a passion for adventure and the outdoors, Michael Beck has spent much of his life pursuing his love of extreme sports. He is an expert skier, a qualified whitewater instructor, and has spent many years exploring Australia's wild, remote rivers. Ever since he left home at 18 to travel around Australia with nothing but $200 and thirty cans of spaghetti in the trunk of his old HR Holden, Michael has done things slightly different. He worked in a variety of odd jobs such as bridge builder, chicken catcher, circus hand and bartender, all of which have provided fodder for his creative mind. Having seven children in eleven years along the way didn't slow him down. Working full time whilst raising six boys and one girl is a story in itself. But, somehow, between the bedtime bedlam and birthday parties he managed to find time to write Shifter. He currently resides in Victoria, Australia, with his wife and tribe.

You'll find Shifter for sale at all the usual ebookstores. And while you're there, take a look at his two suspense novels, Pump Fake and Killpoint. Never a dull moment!

We hope you'll find plenty of time this summer (winter...) to catch up on your reading. And when you do, be sure and include some of our titles in your TBR list.

Star & Jude