LilyAn Kerry, librarian at the prestigious Rutledge Institute for psychics, couldn’t be happier. Not only does she get to work with amazing young people at the school, she gets to do it in a castle in the wilds of Wyoming. LilyAn’s Jackson apartment is miles away from Texas where her bossy dad and three older brothers live. At twenty-four, she’s independent and loving it, the reason she avoids long-term boyfriends who might make demands or get serious.

Etan Trahan, a tough-as-nails Special Agent for the World Security League, believes he will know when he first lays eyes on the one woman meant to be his. This romantic notion infuriates the sensible grandmother who raised him. She wants Etan to settle down with any of the eligible young women she magically produces every time he visits. Is it any wonder he chooses to stay with friends when he’s recouping from wounds received during his latest mission?

LilyAn and Etan meet at a charity carnival the WSL sponsors every year to kick off Aspen Days, an autumn festival. LilyAn’s job this year is to dress as a gypsy and tell children their fortunes. It’s quite a shock when a man the size of Etan enters her tent and asks to hear his. Etan is flirty and funny. She instantly responds to him but is sure it will all be okay. He’s only in town to recover from an explosion that wrecked his body. He will move on as soon as he is better.

But Caprice, the mysterious voice in LilyAn’s head that nudges her impulsivity, seems to have a plan of her own this time. It begins with two deadly gunshots and the valiant instincts of a true hero. Can it possibly end in true love?


  • ISBN: 978-1-60174-259-9
  • $3.99
  • release date: 11/12/2021

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