Her Humble Admirer by Lucy M. Loxley

Livia Hightower is more than a little intrigued when the morning mail brings a most unexpected delivery.

Dearest Livia,

The call of the nightingale is but a sorrowful, plaintive psalm

Next to the sterling hue of my lady's eyes, gazing mine.

It is signed simply Your Humble Admirer.

Again and again similar notes arrive in the post. Could it be a beguiling coincidence that they coincide with the arrival in the neighborhood of handsome Mr. Framingham? Surely Livia's childhood friend, James, would never indulge in such romantic behavior, especially when he openly distrusts whoever is sending the tender missives.

With each new note, Livia becomes more convinced that her future lies with the sender. If only she could learn who he is...

Her Humble Admirer by Lucy M. Loxley