Never the Twain by Judith B. Glad

What do an archaeologist from Back East and a cowboy from the empty corner of Oregon have in common? Not much, except the waterhole that Rock McConnell needs for his cattle and Genny Forsythe must approve. First she has to make sure there are no prehistoric petroglyphs near the site, and that could take months of study. Now Rock isn't against preserving the past, but his cattle are gettin' mighty thirsty.

Genny's youthful dreams were filled with cowboys, tall, lean, laconic, and Levi'd. Rock is all of them rolled into one gorgeous, virile man. Trouble is, she's had her fill of dominant males, and Rock is about as dominant as they come. Rock knows that delicate, feminine women can't last in the harsh environment of Owyhee Country, pretty women like Genny, with silvery hair and painted fingernails. But his body sings another tune, one of immediate, demanding hunger for her kisses--and more.

Love will not be denied. Someone's got to bend, but who, and how much?

Never the Twain by Judith B. Glad

  • ISBN: 978-1-60174-168-4
  • $4.99
  • release date: 7/13/2007
Never the Twain

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