Not the Boy Next Door

Dion Hart is an expert in not getting the part. After a strong start to a Broadway career a decade ago, everyone thought his star was going to rise and keep rising. Instead, much to his producer boyfriend’s chagrin, his jobs have gotten fewer and farther between.

Another rejection, another fight, and another existential crisis later, Dion decides to take a break from it all and go home to Illinois. He hopes that his family, his home, will help center him and find himself again.

Doing a show is the perfect way to spend his summer. Community theater is where Dion was raised, and Lola in Kinky Boots is a dream role. In the audition room, to his surprise, he finds that his first heartbreak is the director.

Henry Addison. Dion’s high school love was content to stay in their hometown, though the goodbye made both of them sad. In fifteen years, they hardly communicated, though when at his lowest, Dion often thought of Henry’s smile. Now as adults, through their enduring love of each other and community theater, they forge a new connection.

They know they’ll be breaking their own hearts by the end of the summer. Henry belongs in Illinois. Dion misses the city. But their bond is too strong to stay away.

But the past isn’t all that easy to run from. When Henry makes a decision that leaves Dion floundering, Dion pulls strength from somewhere. In Lola’s heels, he struts through the pain, with his sister and his therapist’s encouragement. While he navigates all of these new feelings, as he finds himself, he may just find his way back home. To Henry.

Not the Boy Next Door

  • ISBN: 978-1-60174-265-0
  • $6.99
  • release date: 9/15/2023
Not the Boy Next Door

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