Have Mercy by Lisa James

Book 1

Sean's whirlwind courtship so dazzled blues singer Rivie that she married him two weeks after they met. They had three months of bliss, before her ugly memories caught up with her. Finally her unspeakable secret has driven them apart.

After six months of separation, he still wants her back, so he offers her a bargain. If, after six months of trying to make their marriage succeed, she still wants to leave, he promises he will let her go. She hesitantly agrees, knowing that she can never tell him the truth about her past, because it will make him hate her.

Sean is determined to convince Rivie that she can trust him to love her, no matter what. She is just as determined to keep her secret. Only one of them will succeed, but their love for each other could mean they will both win in the end.

Have Mercy  by Lisa James

Harper's Chance by Lisa James

Book 2

Three years ago Jennie's husband rejected her because she was unable to have a child. She filed for divorce in Nevada and waited out the residency requirement at Lake Tahoe. That's where Rand met her, where he made love to her. Where she left him when her husband changed his mind.

He never forgot her, never stopped missing her and what might have been.

Now she's a widow, still grieving for her husband a year after his death, still regretting that brief affair. When he appears at her door, she knows her life will never be the same. Even though she's tried to forget him, done her best to forget that she'd been unfaithful to her husband, she can't deny the past. Rand still hopes Jennie will someday be his, but after he meets her two-year-old daughter, his hope turns to steely determination. She will marry him, whether she loves him or not, because Miranda is his...must be his.

He is not unreasonable. He gives her six months to accept his ultimatum. He'll wait six months while they date, get to know each other again. Six months until they marry...or else.

With the threat of a paternity test hanging over her, Jennie does the only thing she can. She dates Rand and allows him to become acquainted with Miranda. As time and his loving attention gradually wear down her resistance, she wonders if she will ever be able to overcome her guilt and shame over their affair and accept the love Rand is offering.