Safe Refuge

A preacher shouldn't look like a woman's dream come true. Especially a woman whose past is anything but savory. But the house across from the church is too good a rental bargain to resist, and the preacher is a really nice guy. Although determined to keep a good distance between herself and Reverend Holliman, Kirsten finds herself captured first by the music of the carillon, and then by his daughter, Hope, an adorable two-year-old with a mind of her own. She resists developing any connection with the church, believing herself sullied by her past.

If Michael were wise, he would have as little to do with Kirsten as possible. She is too attractive, a father desperately in need of someone to care for his daughter but who won't spoil Hope rotten. He is far too aware of her beauty. She stirs his senses and thaws his frozen heart. Worse yet, he needs someone to help with the church's youth group, and Kirsten is, after all, a teacher. Does he need any other excuse to involve her in the church's activities?

Unfortunately, a cantankerous member of the church's Board has taken Kirsten in extreme dislike. He and his wife have been babysitting Hope since her birth and are furious that she has supplanted them, has, in fact, become Hope's favorite person next to her father. When an ice storm forces Michael and Kirsten into a compromising situation, Hazel and Horace immediately think the worst and do their best to stir up the congregation, as well as drive Kirsten and Michael apart.

Michael and Kirsten are each others' best hope for a bright, loving future, but the obstacles facing them seem almost too great to overcome. A combination of time, prayer and love may be the only solution to their dilemma.

Safe Refuge

  • ISBN: 978-1-60174-251-3
  • $5.99
  • release date: 6/14/2019
Safe Refuge

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