The Phoenix Predicament by Jael Gates

Kat Tremaine is cursed. After crushing a phoenix egg on expedition to Egypt, she now goes up in flames each equinox and solstice, only to rise from the ashes in a new body. This limits her relationships to one-night stands since no guy could ever explain her if the two of them accidentally fell in love.

Along comes Jase Cooper, a doctor with the schedule from Hades. Their chemistry is undeniable, but she keeps her secret. As the seasons--and her appearance--change, she is drawn to him again and again even though she knows better. Is it love? For her, yes. As for can it be, when he thinks he's with a different woman every time?

What she doesn't know is that Jase is special, too. And his connection to Mount Olympus just might help them end the curse.

The Phoenix Predicament by Jael Gates

  • ISBN: 978-1-60174-079-3
  • $4.99
  • release date: 6/16/2017
The Phoenix Predicament

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