The Truth About Fairy Tales by J.A. Clarke

In fairy tales, the princess always gets the prince. Or does she?

When Max Anderson reluctantly responds to Samantha Hogan's distress call one morning, he is convinced trouble is brewing. An investor in her business and a long-time friend, Max finds himself strangely and unexpectedly attracted to Sam's latest hedgehog-hair-forest-nymph appearance. Before he knows it, he's dragged into trying solve the strange happenings at The Seven Dwarves, preserving his body parts from surprise attacks by her dog, and competing with Sam's newly acquired boyfriend, the heir to a local winery. The hardest part seems to be convincing Sam that he's not Grumpy, the dwarf, but a candidate for her lover and her heart.

Sam is distracted and confused by the growing strength of the feelings Max arouses in her. Why don't her boyfriend's kisses make her break out in goose bumps the way Max's dark gaze does? He's interfering with her investigation, interfering with her relationship with her perfect boyfriend and definitely interfering with her heart. Her dog wants to bite him, her neighbor wants to disembowel him and she somehow keeps ending up in bed with him, despite her conviction and the evidence of years that he will never make the commitment she craves. A fairy tale princess never had so tough a choice.

The Truth About Fairy Tales by J.A. Clarke

  • ISBN: 978-1-60174-106-6
  • $5.99
  • release date: 2/14/2009
The Truth About Fairy Tales

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