The White Horse by Kenneth L. Levinson

"Beware the White Horse!" Those were the words of a dying man as he vowed to return from the grave and wreak vengeance on his own malevolent son.

Adam Larsen, the Denver lawyer with a penchant for crime-solving, is attacked on the seventeenth hole of a golf course by a knife-wielding lunatic who claims that his father's ghost has returned to kill him. Later the man is killed when he darts into the path of an oncoming minivan. Larsen finds himself being stalked by a man in gray, the same one who had been haunting Larsen's attacker. Perhaps the dead man's fears had been well-founded. Curious now, Larsen begins investigating the accident and soon encounters Karst, a mysterious "spiritual guide" who clearly knows more than he is telling--and whose cryptic answers only raise more questions.

Meanwhile, Larsen's advice has led his lover and favorite private investigator, Jana Deacon, to uncover a hidden cache of gold coins a domineering husband had been concealing from his wife in a nasty divorce case. When the man begins to threaten his wife--and Jana--Larsen becomes understandably concerned. He discovers the husband is amassing assault gear, including an AK47 and a stockpile of ammunition. It's time, Larson realizes, for him to act. But how can he stop a madman who is hell-bent on murder? And how can he do it without dozens of innocent people getting caught in the cross-fire? Larsen must find a way to out-maneuver an avowed killer before time runs out.

And along the way, he must solve the mystery of the White Horse.

The White Horse by Kenneth L. Levinson

  • ISBN: 978-1-60174-023-6
  • $6.99
  • release date: 7/12/2018
The White Horse

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