19 Before 19

Skylar Conrad, a translator, is at the Yellowstone airport waiting for Alex, her engineer boyfriend to deboard his flight from Brazil. Just as she realizes he's a no-show, she spots the last deboarding passenger, a man holding a sign with her name on it.

Chris "Hawke" Hawkins has bad news for Skylar, a woman he has never even met. Her boyfriend is marrying someone else. A coworker of Alex, Hawke can't stand the idea of Skylar waiting for a man who doesn't deserve her. His solution? Tell Skylar the truth himself since he's already flying home to spend Christmas with his foster parents. Cody is just a little side trip and well worth it if he can do the right thing.

In a way, Skylar isn't surprised that Alex hasn't come. He'd stopped all communication back in October until he sent her flight details for their meet-up. What does surprise her is the fact that there are still men as honorable as Hawke on the planet.

It turns out Skylar and Hawke are both from Jackson. As payback for his trouble, Skylar offers him a ride home, a trip of four hours. But outside the airport, snow is accumulating at a crazy rate. An icy weather front that was supposed to be moving through the state has stalled. Skylar is so comfortable with Hawke that she blurts a Plan B: use the reservation she made for herself and Alex at a hotel near the airport. It's for a double room, which is perfect.

Or not. Skylar has known Hawke less than an hour and, based on her experience with Alex, she's no judge of character. Luckily there's a psychic ability that helps with that…if she only knew she had it. Can the Rutledge Institute, a school for psychics in Jackson, help her with that?

19 Before 19

  • ISBN: 978-1-60174-260-5
  • $3.99
  • release date: 5/13/2022
19 Before 19

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