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The Uncial Letter

July 2019

What's up at Uncial Press?

Old favorites, that's what. We've been looking through our backlist, looking for something to read during these long, lazy July afternoons. What a task!

Why? Because there is so much worth reading, worth enjoying all over again. We've managed to get a good start on last month's recommendations, but there's a whole bunch of July afternoons to fill yet, not to mention the first couple of weeks in August.

One of the problems with whiling away a warm summer afternoon with a book is that warm often makes for sleepy. So first thing is to pick something that will keep us awake. And what better to do that than an edge-of-the-seat mystery? Or a thriller (sometimes they're one and the same, which is even better for banishing the drowsies).

What a wide choice you have, from Susanne Marie Knight's cozy (British) mystery, Tainted Tea for Two to Ed Goldberg's edgy Served Cold. How about something flavored with a touch of fantasy, like Jana Richards' Seeing Things or Marilyn Levinson's Giving Up the Ghost?

Tainted Tea for Two by Susanne Marie Knight Served Cold by Ed Goldberg Seeing Things by Jana Richards Giving Up the Ghost by Marilyn Levinson

Michael Beck's mystery duo, Killpoint and Pump Fake are pure, exciting mystery with lots of action, while Kenneth L. Levinson's Adam Larsen Mysteries have an involuntary sleuth who is probably unlike any lawyer you ever met.

Seeing Things by Jana Richards Giving Up the Ghost by Marilyn Levinson Seeing Things by Jana Richards

The line between mystery and thriller is a narrow one. Ann Simko's Coyote Moon series straddles that line, as does Al Haggerty's The Failover File. Or if you prefer a quick read, choose J.D. Webb's Death Smell or Nine One One

Coyote Moon Series by Ann Simko The Failover File by Al Haggerty Death Smell by J.D. Webb Nine One One by J.D. Webb

That's not all of our mysteries, by any means. You can learn more about all the rest on our Mystery & Thriller page. We'll bet you'll find just the right ebook to keep you riveted to your reader through a summer afternoon...or evening.

You'll hear from us next month, with more recommendations. In the meantime, we've a few openings in our release schedule over the next year. If you are, or know of, a writer of exceptional stories, we'll be opening submissions until the end of September. You'll find more information here.

Now, go out there and sort out "Who Dunnit."

Star & Jude