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The Uncial Letter

November 2019

Linda Palmer tells why she writes about weird stuff...

I began dating my husband when we were in the ninth grade. Seven years after that, we got married, and now we've been together forty-seven years--all that without killing each other. I credit having separate TVs for that.

My husband, a retired football coach, naturally watches every sport that ever existed--except for soccer--and actually has two TVs on at all times. One above the other with the soundturned off on it. He also watches hunting and fishing shows. Yawn. And the news, which is so awfulthese days that it stresses me out.

I, on the other hand, go for weird, be it gothic, modern, mystical, astronomical, ormythical. I also love true crime, but that's another story. Needless to say, when he and I arewatching one of the four shows we do watch together--Survivor, Big Brother, Amazing Race, and The Price is Right--and a trailer for an apocalyptic, dystopian, orcreepy new series or movie comes on, he always says, "That looks like your kind of show."

I think all the ghost hunt series I watch definitely fall into the weird category. Do Ibelieve in ghosts? Yeah. I kinda, sorta do…ish. I mean, I've had an experience I can't explain anyother way, and one of my beloved sisters has, too. Am I scared at the thought of spirits all aroundme? Not a bit. They're welcome anytime except when I'm in the bathroom.

My acceptance of spirits is probably why ghost hunters intrigue me so much. I mean,what makes them tick? Did they have a personal experience, too? Heaven forbid they're just actingfor good ratings. I want to believe, and my fascination is most likely the reason I decided to write Strange and Stranger, the seventh story in my Psy Squad series.

In it, heroine Maddie Harvey is tasked with welcoming the two Strange brothers andtheir two-person film crew to the family inn, Harvey House, while her mom and dad sun on aFlorida beach. Mom thinks the inn being declared haunted would be a great thing for business.Maddie, on the other hand, isn't having it. While she'll be nothing but gracious to her five guests--there's an enigmatic spare named Ben Brady--her secret goal is to distract them from the three-great, two-great, one-great, and no-great grandparents she has interacted with ever since her arrival two weeks ago.

Can she do it? Only if the ghost trackers are fakers without psychic skills and her outraged kin stay in the dusty, musty basement she has relegated them to.

Strange and Stranger by Linda Palmer

Nearly everyone we know had had some sort of ghostly experience, from seeing something out of the corner of an eye when there's nothing tangible there to conversations with dearly departed relatives. Have you? Write to us about your experiences, and if you give us permission, we'll share with our readers.

But even if you haven't been so fortunate (or unfortunate, depending on your feelingsabout ghosts), we'll bet you'll enjoy Strange and Stranger. Maddie Harvey is truly fond of her family, especially those several generations of grandparents who are only present in a non-corporeal way. Trouble is, her mom wants to use the legends about the old inn to make it a popular tourist destination. After all, who could resist staying where murders, and hangings and bootlegging had once happened...and where the ghosts of their victims are said to linger? While Maddie schemes to keep family secrets, she is faced with the mystery of why Ben, the videographer can also see the ghosts. And what he's going to do about it. (ISBN 978-1-60174-253-7; $3.99; at your favorite ebookseller)

It's getting dark earlier each day here in Oregon, staying dark later. The winter rains areupon us, too, although we shouldn't complain because we rarely get bitter cold or lingering snow.What we do get is long spells of stay-indoors-and-read weather, which we always take advantage of. While we won't wish the rain and the dark upon you, we do hope you'll find time for cozy days inyour favorite chairs, reading your favorite books...from Uncial Press, of course.

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