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December 2020
The Jingle Bell Jinx by Linda Palmer

At the end of a year none of us is likely to forget,

At the end of a year none of us is likely to forget, we still believe in happy endings. After all, we are in the business of writing about them. Of making sure that no matter what obstacles and dangers our characters face, they will triumph over whatever adversity they face, whatever obstacle fate tosses their way.

A Season of Miracles by Ed Goldberg

We know real life isn't that easy, but we—everyone at Uncial Press—believe our goal is to lighten your days, to bring you minutes or hours of escape from what has been a really dark year, and a new year that's not likely to get much brighter for a while. So this holiday season, we hope you will continue to find some respite in our stories.

Wishing you good health and good cheer.


The Bootleggers by Kenneth L. Levinson The Ghost of Christmas Never by Linda Palmer


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