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February 2020


That's a word we first heard in high school lit a long time ago. It means "having the appearance of being real." Verisimilitude is an essential element in fiction, even in fantasy. If a writer doesn't convince a reader that what she's reading about is real (or at least possible, in some universe or other), pretty soon that story gets tossed onto the bleah! pile.

Verisimilitude is one of the qualities we look for when evaluating material submitted to us. Of course we want well-written sentences, an interesting story line, characters we can love (or hate), and an indefinable something that piques our interest. But really, folks, most of all we want to be pulled into a world that's real, for as long as we're immersed in the story. Even better, the really good stories stay real after we're done.

We believe that all of our ebooks fit those criteria. Somewhere out there are gates to Lygroes and Bandor, a town where the kindergarten teacher is Fae, an office building in Denver with an extraordinary legal firm on the twenty-ninth floor, a great stone castle in Wyoming housing a high school for kids with paranormal talents. And so on...

Every single ebook we sell has convinced us that its world--its town, universe, or family--has a certain reality. Because you read our ebooks, we believe that you're convinced too.

In some ways adding verisimilitude to a story that is set in real time and place is more difficult than making a world with faeries or an alternate universe or even a different solar system feel real to a reader. The real time and place are like a familiar frame around the story; everything has to fit inside.

And no one does that fitting better than Lesley-Anne McLeod.


The Charming Devil by Lesley-Anne McLeod

Seven years ago Cecelia Medbourne made a mistake, and she paid for it in the usual way. Disowned by her family, she and her child find refuge with her faithful nurse and the woman's sister.

Seven years ago Darius Darton, Viscount Knyckham, was a rake of the worst sort. Until he overturned his curricle, killed his horses, and nearly put an end to his own existence.

Only a cruel fate would bring Cecelia and Darius to the same small village in Wiltshire. As soon as she recognizes him, her instinct is to flee, as far and as fast as she can. When he realizes that Cecelia's sweet little girl has to be his daughter, his only thought is to become the father to her that he should have been from the beginning. Will it be possible for them to reconcile the memories of pain with the possibility of future bliss?

The setting of The Charming Devil is genuine. There is never a jarring note. Not a single word pushes a reader out of the early nineteenth century world. This is what Lesley-Anne does best: create a portrait of the time and place and people and give it the magic of becoming real. Verisimilitude, indeed! The Charming Devil $6.99.

The Charming Devil is available now at all the usual outlets. Lesley-Anne's other Regency titles are there too. Visit her website for a tour of the Regency World.

Come back next month. We'll have a saga or two to tell you about.

Good reading (ebooks, of course!)

Jude & Star