Uncial Press

The Uncial Letter

June 2020

We remember when…

Fourteen years ago the notion of our becoming ebook publishers was little more than a dream. The more we dreamed, though, the more possible it seemed. Finally we stopped dithering and dreaming and took the big leap.

In June, 2006, we announced the birth of Uncial Press and sent out a call for submissions. It went to every writer we knew, to writers' organizations, and to every website we could find that might spread the word.

And we got a response. People actually sent us their stories, their poetry and their non-fiction. We were thrilled—and honored—that they would trust us with their creations, especially those who sent something to us while we were still getting organized, before we'd released a single title. While we were still that dream.

Those writers gave us a start. They believed in us enough to trust us with their precious manuscripts, before we could offer anything beyond a promise. And they've stayed with us, have even sent us more over the years. So this month we want to recognize—and thank—those brave writers who took a chance on us fourteen years ago. Here are some of the titles we were offered when Uncial Press was still a venture into the unknown.


Thank you, Michelle, C.S., Ed, Lesley-Anne, Anna, Jana, Kenneth and Sheila, for giving us a start, and for staying the distance.

Jude & Star