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The Uncial Letter

April 2021

Magic, it is said, is everywhere.

Sometimes it's disguised as an everyday event, odd but not particularly unique. Sometimes it's considered a bit peculiar, a little surprising, but that's all.

And sometimes it's recognized for what it really is. Magic!

In John C. Bunnell's two Expatriot Sidhe novellas, Charmed, I'm Sure and Phantom of the Operetta, you'll meet Juliet McKenna, who finds life on the mundane stage far more interesting than the faery world into which she was born. But somewhat to her distress--and danger--she cannot always escape her heritage.

Charmed, I'm Sure by John C Bunnell Phantom of the Operetta by John C Bunnell Spirit of All the Russias by John C Bunnell

Bunnell's Spirit of All the Russias introduces the legendary Baba Yagi, a witch who lives in a chicken-legged hut. When she awakes from a long sleep she finds an empty desolation. It takes an unusual--and unexpected--fertility rite to restore the world to lush and and verdant.

We believe in faeries. Especially faeries like those in Michelle L. Levigne's All's Fae in Love and Chocolate tetralogy. Although each stands alone, they all take place in a world where the veil between Faerie and Mundane is thin and easily crossed. Begin with Day and Knight, where a Fae daycare teacher, and an exterminator under a family curse need each other more than they can guess when magic goes wonky, move on to Smoke and Mirrors, where a Fae man with malfunctioning magic hides from matrimony in Las Vegas, disguised as a magician's assistant. In She Blinded Me With Science, Sophie encounters Kevyn, a Fae on the run from responsibility, so she captures him as her science project, to prove magic is real. Then the real magic starts. And finally, there is Death By Chocolate. The race is on to catch the Fae who poisoned the Queen’s chocolate. For Epsi and Guber, the stakes are even higher and could lead to death, or love. What a choice! And what a great way to spend some afternoon when April showers make staying indoors the way to spend an afternoon.

Day and Knight by Michelle L. Levigne Smoke and Mirrors by Michelle L. Levigne She Blinded Me With Science by Michelle L. Levigne Death By Chocolate by Michelle L. Levigne

Bumpy Night on the Walk of Fame by Loretta Wish

But not all magic is Fae. Sometimes all it takes is an encounter among old regrets, new ambitions and realized dreams. Bumpy Night on the Walk of Fame has all of the above, and Bette Davis in a lead role. When the divine Producer puts her in the scene, she helps teach a young full-of-herself actress a hard lesson, and at the same times learns how her ambition to play Scarlett O'Hara would have changed all of history.

We have other stories of magic and wonder to offer, too. Browse our website and take a peek at the offerings, whether labeled Paranormal, Fantasy, or Mystery. You'll find plenty of magical stories.

Remember, you can find our titles at all major (and most smaller) ebooksellers. They are at a number of libraries, as well. So add a little magic to your life, today.

The Queen of Cherry Vale, a western historical romance by Judith B. Glad, isn't about magic. Nonetheless, there's magic in it, the magic of true love. And for one week this month, starting on the 23rd, it will be on sale at Amazon and the Nook bookstore for $2.99. The sale starts on April 17th 2021, so don't miss it.

Queen of Cherry Vale by Judith B GLad

Imagine. Dream. Read.

Jude & Star