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The Uncial Letter

January 2021

Have you been following the space news?

What an exciting time to live in!

Shifter by Michael Beck

Jude is old enough to remember the day a man first rode a rocket into space. And then there was the day Neil Armstrong made that first footprint in moondust. It was the first step into a new era, one we're still inching into. But we're getting there, and the next years--perhaps the next centuries--are going to be exciting.

Despite a wretched year, and an ugly, unforgettable beginning to 2021, we are looking forward to the future with great enthusiasm. No, we didn't get a message from Alpha Centauri in December, but wasn't it fun to believe, if just for a moment, that those strange signals really were from beings on another world? And yes, we do follow news from the ISS, cheer when asteroid samples are brought back to Earth, believe that in the sort-of-near future we'll see a human expedition mounted to Mars.

Meanwhile, there's always science fiction and futuristic fiction to feed our imaginations, to help shape our dreams for the future. So this month we'll remind you of some of the stories we offer about times to come, about other worlds. About possibilities.

So jump aboard our figurative Space/Time Machine and join us for incredible adventure with ebooks like these:

Who is that man...uh, woman...uh, which? in Shifter?