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The Uncial Letter

March 2021

The dictionary says...

A mystery is "a closed book, a conundrum, an enigma, a head-scratcher, a mystification, a puzzle, a riddle, a secret..."

How about an island named for a favorite children's story, an investigator of airplane crashes, a biochemist, a bookstore owner in Washington State, a lawyer with a knack for getting mixed up with murder... And more. More mysteries, more thrills, more suspense, lurking HERE.

But there's nothing mysterious about saving money this month.

Magnifying Glass

Well, actually, there is, if it's how to save it on our mysteries. All you have to do is head on over to the Uncial Press Store at Untreed Reads you can save 40% on all our mysteries (and a bunch of other titles).

Remember, exercising is a healthy activity, and untangling a whodunnit can give you lots of mental exercise.

Stay well, keep reading,

Jude & Star