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May 2021

Considering Quilts...

Did you inherit a quilt, worn and faded, but loved because it's a reminder of an aunt, a grandmother, a dear friend? Do you piece quilts, homey and simple, or dramatic and artistic? Or perhaps you simply admire the patience and the artistry of those who create quilts.

If you are very fortunate, you have received a quilt as a gift.

Quilts tell stories, of shared adventures, shared laughter and tears, shared lives. Some of the traditional quilt patterns speak of the lives their creators led: Road to Oklahoma, Corn-and-Beans, Windblown Square. Others preserve precious memories: crazy quilts incorporated not just silks and satins and velvets, but fragments of ribbons, scraps of lace, even bits of beading. Many modern quilts are geometric explosions of color, dramatic portrayals of symbolism, breathtaking works of art meant to be hung and admired, rather than to decorate a bed.

Patsy Brookshire tells stories of quilts that tell stories.

Threads by Patsy Brookshire scandal by Patsy Brookshire

As Sophie nears the end of her life, she knows that she must tell her story before it's too late. Perhaps knowing of the heart-breaking choices she made will help her niece avoid an equally painful fate. Youthful hope, love, and heartbreak are all Threads in Sophie's story, linking past and present. Only Sophie can know whether her sacrifice had been worth its cost to her heart. (ISBN 978-1-60174-112-7, $5.99)

Annie has grieved long enough and one way she can ease back into normality is to take on a project she's been dreading: finish a quilt she inherited the pieces of. At the same time, she has to keep her randy eighty-year-old cousin out of trouble and decide what to do about the handsome fireman who seems to want to rekindle her heart. And the friend who might or might not have murdered her husband. All while preparations for the upcoming Willamina Quilt Show could make the Scandal even worse. (ISBN 978-1-60174-158-5, $6.99

Is there a quilt in your life? We'd love to hear about it. Send us a photo, with a short description of how it became yours. We'll figure out some fun way to share them with all our readers, depending on the response.

Until next month, piece a quilt, pick a daisy, watch a cloud, read an ebook,

Jude & Star