Bumpy Night on the Walk of Fame by Loretta Wish


After Bette Davis posthumously funds a museum-theater complex at her hometown college, the Producer-on-High fulfills her longtime dream of playing Scarlett O'Hara. But Bette has no idea how much she’ll shake up her career and her love life by appearing in Gone with the Wind.

And that’s only the beginning. Her cosmic do-over also derails eighty years of world history.

To curator Dana Foster’s horror, the casting reboot plays havoc with her exhibits and replica Hollywood Walk of Fame. It turns egotistical superstar Patrice Clark into a nobody just as she is about to become the museum’s first Hall of Fame inductee.

Desperate, the two form an uneasy alliance to unravel the mystery before the induction ceremony. As they spend a stressful but enlightening day trying to restore order, the Producer takes Bette on a bumpy multi-media ride of her own. She sees favorite film roles elude her and her onetime husband marry another, and mourns all she has sacrificed by starring in the Civil War epic.

When Patrice and Dana’s efforts stall, Bette gets permission to make a cameo appearance on earth and lend them a hand. Together they learn new lessons about film, fate and roads not taken.

Bumpy Night on the Walk of Fame by Loretta Wish