Spirit of All the Russias by John C. Bunnell

"This is not the Russia I remember."

Baba Yaga, legendary witch and mistress of the chicken-legged hut Izbushka, has awakened to find her ancient homeland a blasted, nearly lifeless wasteland. Forestland has vanished, the old spirits are gone, and even humanity has nearly disappeared.

"You are stubborn as we were stubborn, fierce as we were fierce, self-reliant as we were self-reliant."

One young man, Josef, finds himself caught up in Baba Yaga's search for answers. But even with Josef's insight, and with all the magic in Russia at her fingertips, will Russia's most notorious sorceress be able to restore her homeland to even a shadow of what it was?

Spirit of All the Russias by John C. Bunnell

  • ISBN: 978-1-60174-214-8
  • $2.99
  • release date: 3/14/2014
Spirit of All the Russias

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